Armed jogger shoots robbery suspect

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ARLINGTON — A juvenile robbery suspect was shot Wednesday morning by the man police believe he was trying to rob.

Arlington police say a man was jogging to his gym in the 6000 block of West Poly Webb Road, near Little Road, at about 6 a.m. when he noticed a truck following him. The truck eventually pulled in front of the jogger, and a juvenile suspect got out of the passenger door with a gun and demanded property, police said.


The jogger pulled out his own concealed weapon and shot the suspect at least one time in the leg.

Police say the suspect got back into the truck and the driver took off. The vehicle, which had been reported stolen on Feb. 16, was found abandoned a short time later.


“Officers received information that the suspect then entered an SUV driven by an adult female,” police said. “This SUV was stopped by officers at the intersection of Poly Webb Road and Little Road. The suspect was compliant and transported to the hospital for treatment.”

The suspect won’t be identified because he is a juvenile.

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