Polk newlyweds search for missing gifts

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They are a part of every one of life’s milestones: greeting cards. It took 12 years for Leah and Travis Euans to finally tie the knot, which makes the sentiment expressed special.

“Love you both, happy for you and hope you have a long and beautiful life together,” Leah Euans read from a card from her grandmother.

“Part of the reason we wanted to go ahead and do it was because we wanted our grandmas to be there,” Leah said. “We want to keep all of the things for our memories.”

Those that they still have, that is.

“I am kicking myself for not taking an extra few seconds to triple-check that we had everything together,” Leah Euans said.

The couple held a wedding dinner party at Longhorn Steakhouse in Winter Haven Friday night. Lost in the excitement of the day were three of the cards, of course with money inside. One from Travis’ 94-year-old grandmother.

“To lose her card makes me really sad,” Leah said.

While the couple would love to have the money back, they say the cards themselves are what is priceless.

“We want to make sure we keep all of these memories so that we can look back at them 10, 20, 50 years from now,” Leah said.

Even in the digital age, the Euans are proof of how special it is to be able to hold the words from those who hold you so dear.

Leah posted this ad on Craigslist that you can respond to or her Facebook page if you spotted the cards.

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